Welcome to Sterna Propellers and thank you very much for your interest in our products.
Sterna Composite Aircraft Inc. is specialising in the manufacture of the safest, most efficient and highest quality carbon fiber 'hollow' composite propellers for the Paramotor, the Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft and the Airboat communities. We are also able to make blades for large wind tunnel fan.   
We are a professional company that is engaged in the research and development, the design and the manufacture of carbon fiber propellers. We have 18 years of experience in manufacturing carbon fiber products and our 'hollow' composite propellers are made with the unique technology of crafting the blade in one piece from the mold.
Sterna propellers are much stronger and more stable compared with other composite propellers made with foam filling inside. You will know better about our advantages with a comparison and explore more benefits of using a Sterna propeller if you could know about the technology of other composite propellers. Sterna propellers meet or exceed ASTM Standard F2506. 
Finally, thanks for taking the time to inquiry into our propellers. We sincerely do appreciate your time to visit our website www.sterna-propeller.com. And if you get-a-moment, please share with us. We are open to your thoughts and good suggestions and hope you will be our customers. We will provide you the highest quality products at a reasonable price and the most Satisfactory services with our professional and mature technology.
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